About Us

Our Aims
a) To preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
b) To unify all future political hopefuls to a grand alliance aimed at building the political strength of every young political leader and restructuring the political sphere of the nation for the masses’ benefits.

Our Objectives
a) Youth Unison – To unite all youths irrespective of their backgrounds, political and social affiliations.
b) Youth Governance – To ensure that youths get their chances to govern rightly and make national decisions.
c) Political & Influential Growth – To expand and maintain the constant political and influential growth of our youths through combined efforts and shared influence.
d) Grooming Inexperienced Youths – To empower upcoming youth leaders with political experience, orienting them on the importance of politics to the society and expanding their political horizon.
e) Gender Equality in Governance – Male and Female be given equal chances in political leadership.

How We Started
Young Patriots’ Association of Nigeria (YPAN) was initiated Saturday the 22nd of September, 2018 covering all states in Nigeria with the sole aim of uniting youths for the political restructuring of our nation to promote economic development and nation building. We are not a political party rather a youth movement that intend to achieve a common goal by bringing every personality of different social class on board.

Our (SWOT) Analysis
• Our STRENGTH – is the highly educated and enlighten population of young Nigerians as a potential force that is readily available for the development of personnel and products of every economic sector in the country.
• Our WEAKNESS – is the slow and lackadaisical attitude of the Nigerian youths in taking responsibility, the insecurities bedeviling effective establishments for employment and weak government policies that are hindering a workable economy.
• Our OPPORTUNITIES – Large population, vase agricultural space, employment opportunities for the people and empowerment leading to poverty reduction.
• Our THREAT – Given the average intelligence of Nigerian crimes, national security is not guaranteed with the globalization of sensitive information, recycling of obsolete items, old policies, old politicians is becoming environmentally hazardous.

On Tuesday, July 31, 2018 over a dozen of young presidential hopefuls tried forming a coalition to win the upcoming general elections which turned out fruitless.
YPAN was then set up to improve on the lapses encountered by Sowore and his group.
1. It lacked the necessary funds to back up the movement and the full support of the youths.
2. It lacked the influential support by the powerful political juggernauts in the society.
3. It lacked the wide campaign support and publicity needed for wider coverage.
4. It lacked the competent canvassers that will rally for support and influential backbones.
5. It lacked the necessary impetus to attract political support, on stimulation.
6. Finally, it lacked the right publicity, information, awareness to make the movement popular, it was well known and heard of within the Southern zones of Nigeria only.

Now, YPAN tends to look at these shortcomings and make good use of it. We believe, since the majority of the voters are youths, we should have a say in the affairs of the economy. The not too young to run has turned out to be a disappointment for most of our youths aspiring for political positions. So YPAN, felt if we can come together as a formidable force, we can contribute meaningfully to the Nigerian economy. Thereby doing away with old ideologies and welcoming a new and uncommon transformation.