North East Zonal Coordinator Independence Day Speech (YPAN)


My dear fellow Nigerians it was on a day like this, a month like this, the 1st October 1960 that, Nigeria got her self independent during the time of our amiable ancestors.

Fellow Nigerian youths in struggle, it has to be remembered that 60 years back people like Tafawa Balewa, Inuwa Wada, Nnamdi Azikwe, Sardauna and the rest had fought for an independent government, whereby during the time of an early independence these people worked very hard to enshrine peace and unity in the country.

With the remembrance of an ancestral period, today, this day, this month and this year 2020 as Nigeria is celebrating her 60th anniversary, I will like to call on youths to go back to the history of our ancestral Administration, take a look into it and think about the current situation of the Nigerian government today.

Furthermore we don’t have to be left behind and allow weeds to sabotage what our ancestors had built. We have to keep on remembering that, we are youths and we are vibrant and vigorous enough to change the country.

I will like to wish that God /Allah gives Nigeria many years of hope and fulfilment, guide our leaders and make them our saviour in every sorrow or difficulty that may come our way. I pray that Nigeria will have a better future and I wish, the next coming years, Nigeria will be the best country in the world especially in terms Economic development strategies and technological advancement.

Mln Lawan Daudu Musa

North East Zonal Coordinator.

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