Lagos State Chapter YPAN Joins in Celebration of Naija Diamond Milestone


The Young Patriots’ Association of Nigeria (YPAN), Lagos Chapter is in felicitation with other patriotic Nigerians.

Nigeria is a great Nation blessed with Human/Natural and Mineral resources. We are regarded as the ‘Giant of Africa’ and the whole world acknowledge our giant stride.

At 60, Nigeria would have been greater and more developed if our Youths are passionately concerned in governance. The older citizens occupies virtually all our political offices, all our sectors and decides our ways of life. They built their respective empires with the intention to relinquish it to their own offsprings despite enriching themselves with our collective wealth.

The Political, Economical and Social spheres of this Nation had been monopolised by some few old folks courtesy of the lackadaisical attitudes of the Nigerian youths.

Though, these leaders have successfully inflicted the general public with poverty, ethnic competition and religious bigotry.

The three aforementioned are hindrances towards youth emancipation but it’s still possible with dedication, commitment, courage, perseverance, patriotism and optimism.

We hereby call on the teeming Nigerian youths to wake up to this Clarion call. Let’s all join our hands together to make Nigeria a better place. We don’t need any form of violence in form of Revolution, no need to sacrifice innocent lives for the selfish interest of some few but with steady pace, political involvement and extreme love for one another; we shall make nigeria greater together

Sheriff Abiola Maku,

Lagos State Coordinator

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