Who is a Leader; Vol. 1 – YPAN

A leader is judged by the quality of his decisions, communicated either verbally or in written format.

These decisions influence the followers’ perception either positively or negatively, about the leader. That is, followers’ support or antagonism against the leader in terms of selection, election, or policies implementation, is a product of their perception of him/her.

Therefore, an essential requirement for leaders is to be known by a driven ideology and to rally his/her follower’s to connect to that ideology.

Policy formulation and implementation must be in tandem with the group ideologue, always peoples oriented and not self-centered.

A leader must never be seen or known to be switching sides (or as such) for whatsoever reason. Leaders are role models. Their actions and inactions have implications for the younger generations.

Ideological inconsistencies might be seen by the younger generations as fashionable. This, will definitely derail them from exploring their capacity to be identified with a cause and stand by it, come rain or shine.

Advanced democracies conduct political recruitment by identifying individual citizens’ ideological inclination.


Moses Emmanuel Hayab,

Member, Kaduna State Chapter, YPAN.

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