The lives of every Nigerian matter – YPAN charges at the National Assembly, Ministers of Health, Labour.

The situational crisis in the health sector of Nigeria cannot be classified as impending danger because we are already in danger from the inadequacy of health facilities within the country.

The issue of the failed Health system brought to the National Assembly by Senator David Umaru is not a new thing as everyone in Nigeria and diaspora is well aware of the bad state of our health facilities.

Though, we applaud the National Assembly for taking up the motion and summoning the Minister of Health to the Senate.

Nigeria not only suffers from shortage of medical supplies but also from shortage of medical staffs and low wages to hospital staffs who are overworked and over stressed. We beseech our the Federal Government to take into consideration more employment of hospital staffs.

The health of our doctors and nurses matter too. Why not consider them and provide them with everything they need to perform effectively.

According to the Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole, the issues he raised are that 14 out of 36 states are yet to show interest in basic health care provision, he also included the issue of power supply.

YPAN would suggest health facilities, if can’t be provided with steady power supply, should never lack alternative power generators and diesel supply.

We, the patriotic citizens of Nigeria, implore the Minister of Health to visit the hospitals in the rural areas himself and gather reports for himself because those problems he stated aren’t anywhere close to the overall problems faced by our Health Care System.


He should not rely on reports from his associates alone. Something needs to be done immediately concerning our health care system. We are tired of losing loved ones from minor ailments because of our bad health infrastructures and shortage of health staffs.

We, hereby, implore;

1. The Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige, to look into the issue of shortage of hospital staffs, employ more staffs, provide them with sufficient and consistent wages.

2. The National Assembly to pass any bills that would provide betterment for our Health Care situation and ensure it sets into motion and gets implemented

3. Every Medical Forums of Nigeria to put pressure on every government delaying the growth and development of our Health facilities.

The lives of every Nigerian matter. YPAN hopes to see immediate actions taking place to improve our Hospitals.

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