There is a girl. On 19th February 2018, the insurgent Boko Haram attacked Government Science College in Dapchi kidnapping about 110 girls. On the 21st of March 2018, after negotiations on the release of the girls by the Nigerian government with the Boko Haram terrorists, all but one of the girls were released.

One was held back. That ONE was held against her will because she refused to change her belief, her faith and her devotion. No one knows if she is alive and well but we do know that she still holds on to her belief. She is a strong woman at heart.

She has been in captivity ever since and 19th of February 2019 made it exactly one year of her abduction.

It is against both Christianity and Islam to force anyone to accept God/Allah. Both religions preach peace and freewill to choose faiths. So the action of the Boko Haram cannot be considered to be for Islam or Allah

Questions have been raised like “What is the Federal Government doing about her release?”. But so far, there have been no tangible results or reports from the Federal Government on the situation of the Leah Sharibu case.

The movement Bring Back Our Girls was initiated by the former Minister of Education, Mrs Oby Ezekwesili. Series of protests have been held in demand for her release. There have been allegations against the Federal Government that they are not putting enough efforts because the little girl is from a poor home/background.

Today, every well meaning Nigerians at home and in diaspora, foreign ambassadors and other nationalities wish her a Happy 16th Birthday.

We at YPAN also wish the little girl, LEAH SHARIBU a Happy Birthday. We hope you are alive and we hope you stay strong. We know that one day, you would be released from the captivity of the insurgence and the world would rejoice for your freedom.

You are an inspiration to the Christian and Muslim faithfuls, that in the face of adversaries, we should never give up on our faith.

Happy 16th Birthday LEAH SHARIBU and God Bless you.



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