No doubt these are the major ethnic groups out of over 500+ ethnic groups in Nigeria. Once upon a time, these three groups worked together to take Nigeria from the hands of the British to her Independence in 1960.

Ever since then, the three major groups fought and created allies among themselves, hence, rivalry, enmity, jealousy, intolerance and distrust brewed within their hearts. All these occurred about 55+ years ago.

Today’s general population of Nigeria shows that over 70% of Nigerians are between 0 – 35 years, showing that they were born in the 80’s which was almost two decades after the Civil War.

Hatred, intolerance, distrust and jealousy has been passed down to the present generation due to false and true stories, of which, only some have concrete backups.

We must have forgotten that crime and corruption knows no race or tribe. As long as we are humans, we must always have criminals and corrupt minds among us on this earth. We must work together for success of our nation or see our flag, our motherland, our home get trampled on by strangers because we stood on our stupidity with pride.

Our diversity, our strength. Our distinct languages, our weapon. Our diverse cultures, our identity.

The civil war was orchestrated by people who only cared about their ego and influence in the guise of leadership. Their errors are being washed off on the present generation who weren’t born then. They are still sowing seeds of discords within us.

The present generation should be aware that we must focus on today and make it better because our today would be looked upon by the third to fourth generations after us, as their history. Let’s reshape history. Our history might not be good but for the benefit of the future generation, let us create a good history today that would foster unity among the future generations.

Remember, there are two types of family; those we choose and those we can’t. We all live under the umbrella of a great nation called Nigeria, and as so, we must see one another as brothers from another land.

There is a saying; when brothers fight till death, strangers would come to inherit their properties.

YPAN says, “One Love, One Nation, One WaZoBia”.

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