How to defeat internet fraud – YPAN advises government, EFCC

We commend the EFCC on their current efforts to rid Nigeria of Internet fraud.

Internet fraudsters have crippled the business integrity of many Nigerian-owned companies and business tycoons. Their criminal acts have made it hard for start up business men and women who do international businesses. Their dreams are being killed by some persons who they don’t know.

Even at that, we can’t still say that some government and society aren’t one of those who caused this menace.

Unemployment and poverty is a key factor to this fast-rising menace. Some governments are more concerned of their pockets and less concerned of those of the citizens. They feed the citizens with a seed of maize but keep the whole maize to themselves. The government is there to serve the people and not steal from them.

The society encourages these youths to crave for “fast money”. The celebrities live fake lives and show off on social media intimidating the struggling youth and tempting them to seek faster means which attracts them to partake in criminal activities.

YPANs’ advise to the government; provide millions of good jobs and watch criminality die and see the youths bring in development and infrastructural growth with the proceeds from their acquired jobs.

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